Welcome to DubVidz.  This page will contain a small collection of my VWs in action, as well as info on my home-brewed in-car camcorder mount.

Current Videos

Here's the current selection of videos.  I plan to rotate my collection on an irregular basis, as new ones become available and time (not to mention disk space) permits.

Wolfgang vidz

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that these first two vidz suck.   However, they do serve a purpose--two, actually.  1)  They show what the camera view is like with my setup, and  2)  They contrast the difference in sound between the stock exhaust and the new Techtonics exhaust on my GTI VR6.  The third video was recorded by Roger @ Autopia, the guy who installed the TT exhaust.

Due to the file sizes of these videos, I recommend right-clicking on them and choosing "Save As..." so you can view them after downloading.

Vid 1  --  night.mpg (2.8Megs) --  This short clip was recorded at night, with the stock exhaust.   Quiet!

Vid 2  --  tt_inside.mpg (4.8Megs) --  This longer clip was recorded during the day, in traffic.  The TT exhaust has a droning resonance inside the car between 2k and 3k rpms.  I hope to get that fixed soon.

Vid 3  --  tt_outside.mpg (344k) -- This short clip was recorded outside the car, shortly after the TT exhaust was installed.  Nice sound, eh?

Vid 4  --  backroads.mpg (26Megs) -- This is a 3 minute romp on some backroads in Arkansas, that I FINALLY got around to capturing on my PC.  This is from inside my GTI VR6, and it still had the TT exhaust when I taped this.  Due to the compression (and the display being washed out most of the time), you can't read the display on my GPS (near the gearshift).  On the original capture, you can see that I top out at 107mph about 40 seconds into the clip--when you hear the loud wind whistle.  :)  If you play this full-screen and squint your eyes just right, you can kinda make out the speed display going to triple-digits.  I would like to get a better capture and try to sharpen the image so you can read the speed on my GPS, but the software I currently have (Ulead VideoStudio - came with the FireWire card) is a total piece o' crap.  The user interface is so busy trying to be attractive and intuitive that it's useless and confusing to a geek like myself.  Okay, enough ranting for now...

Coming next:  I need to get some footage of the new Jetex exhaust, which is *much* more suitable for my daily driver.

Sonja vidz

If you read my rant above about the crappy Ulead software that came with my FireWire card, please note that the vidz below were captured and created using completely different (and infinitely superior) software.  Good times, good times...

Vid 1  --  6spdsonja.wmv (881k) -- This is a 26 second in-car video showing off Sonja's 6-speed transmission by merging onto an interstate.  The camera was intentionally aimed a bit low in order to show the gearshift.  Windows Media format, set for broadband streaming.

Vid 2 -- 6spdsonja.mpg (5.5Megs) -- This is a 30 second MPEG version of the above video.  Right-click and save it before viewing.

Camcorder mount

If you'd like to know more about the camcorder mount I made, click here.

Send me an e-mail if you have questions or comments.

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Last updated August 14, 2005