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Pictures - November 11, 2004

OEM steel skid plate installed

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Skid plate & mounting parts.


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On Rhino Ramps and ready to go.


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Illustrating the auxiliary radiator mounting bracket.


wrench_stop.JPG (31843 bytes)

One method to stop the rivnut tool from rotating.


buggered.JPG (46410 bytes) proper.JPG (41711 bytes)

Buggered rivnut on left;  properly-installed rivnut on right.


plate_on_1.JPG (34768 bytes) plate_on_2.JPG (39647 bytes) front_bracket.JPG (33614 bytes)

Plate installed.  Note protrusion of plate's mounting arms through modified engine side skirts.


plate_on_3.JPG (30230 bytes) plate_on_4.JPG (31974 bytes)

Splash guards in place.  All buttoned up!


stock.JPG (54277 bytes)

Compare to the stock plastic belly pan.  Not as much coverage.


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