KC VW gathering at the autocross - 3/23/03

Awesome weather and the first autocross of the season made for a great opportunity for a VW get-together.  It was great to meet some new people and greet some I haven't seen in a while.

What a beautiful sight!  (I'm referring to the cars...)

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Group shots - In the foreground on the left, a Mk1 Scirocco (rare around here!); in the foreground on the right, a Mk1 Jetta (even more rare!) with a 16V transplanted in.

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Sciroccos and a Corrado

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A rather nice progression

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A very black A1 GTI and some A2 action

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Stephen's A2 GTI with VR6 transplant  <drool>

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Dorian's Supercharged 16V Scirocco  <drool>

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Kevin's Golf Sport and Sam's Jetta GLX

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Carlos's MkIV Jetta VR6

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I somehow managed to not take any pics of my Scirocco or Kyle's MkIV Jetta Wolfsburg - oops...

Hopefully, I'll see some (if not all) of these folks and their cars at the upcoming VW Show, hosted by the Mo-Kan VW Club.  (Had to get in one more shameless plug!)

Non-VW pics

Brand new Evo VIII (note the 30-day tag)

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Sweet Subaru

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